LittleHouse Announces New Performance Format

In September, LittleHouse re-grouped (literally), paring down to a lean four-piece band with a sound that audiences are raving about. “I knew the four-piece would create an authentic American-sounding aesthetic”, says singer/songwriter Joe Patrina. But it did more. The band has found its wings and their December performances were awesome!

The original seven-piece group, plus the three cupcakes – making ten on stage - was an extravaganza and thoroughly entertaining, and with this configuration, LittleHouse put on 25 shows in 2010 and 2011.

But the new format is inspirational. “The audience just loves the experience,” says Joe. “The four-piece allows Tommy (MacGregor, the lead guitarist from Essex) to fill the air with his signature touch and creative virtuosity, while bassist Gary Gott (from Coventry), compliments Tom’s melodic flights with great counter-point riffs and patterns.

Doug LaChappelle on drums (from Newington) takes care of the rest. “Doug,” as Joe explains, “frames compositional passages, the lyrical content and the songs atmosphere through improvisational flourishes against solid rhythmic patterns. A great drummer to watch, I lock my acoustic playing in with him”

One audience member at the December 22nd show put it this way: “Joe’s songs were always filled with real life and emotion. Now we have real life and emotion taking place right in front of us.”